Geolocated Emergency Beacons
Use to send your location and number from a mobile device.
Multplatfom Access
Quickly respond to calls through SMS, AIM, Jabber or Twitter. Text stop or quit to leave the list.
Sign up by SMS
Organizers and support can instantly add themselves to a list by texting join to (202) 618-0872.
SMS: (202)618-0872
AIM: loqime
Twitter: @loqime

Cross-Platform Group Messaging and Location Beacons for Disaster Relief allows mobile users to send an emergency GPS beacon to a real-time map. Crises responders can view all of the help requests on the webpage, along with hospitals and fire stations, real-time 911 calls related to natural disasters.

Ground teams can easily use on their mobile phones to send notices of supplies and terrain reports in real time. Remote helpers can easily see the whole picture on the website's real-time map, handle help and information requests, and send messages to the network. supports subscription to group messages via SMS, AIM, Jabber and Twitter. No application installation is required. Location beacons can be sent simply by going to on a mobile phone.

This application is a resource for citizens, medical teams and governments before, during and after disasters.

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Text "join" to (202) 618-0872 or send "join" via AIM or Jabber to join the crisis group. Go to on a mobile device to send a geolocated message to the group and the map.